Shop Pills Press Machine online.The device is intended for compacting loose material in the form of powder, granules into tablets.

A simple model mainly used in research and small production.

The use of appropriate forms allows the production of both regular and irregular shaped tablets.


Designed to avoid the risk of infection, infection.

Elements can easily be cleaned before each use.

The construction of the machine excludes the penetration of substances into the product.

The dispensing depth of the intermediate and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted.

The device is easy to use, it can be driven by the engine or manually.
The press is designed for one type of tablet.Shop Pills Press Machine online

Technical data:

Power: 0.25 kW
Maximum pressure: 15 KN
The maximum diameter of the tablet: 12 mm  US 0.5″
Maximum filling depth: 12 mm  US 0.4″
The maximum thickness of the tablet: 6 mm  US 0.2″
Capacity: 4000 pcs / h
External dimensions [L x W x H]: 670 x 470 x 750 mm  US 26 x 18 x 29″
Weight: 70 kg  US 154 lb

This press is extremely simple to use if you’re new to pressing and comes with free onsite support and training at LFA’s facilities.

Reasonably price this is a great piece of equipment to give your business the start it needs.

Capable of producing 4000 tablets per hour from 2 to 8mm.

If you’re looking to produce larger tablets we recommend using the TDP 5.

Using 15 Kilonewtons or 1.5 tonnes of pressure, guaranteeing the highest quality tablets.

Perfect for R&D or small batch production, this unit can be supplied in 110 or 220 volts.

Able to be fitted with round, shaped or custom dies, allowing you to stand out in your market.


Additional paid option:

Form for different size of pill



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